50 Freelance Websites to Hire Freelancers or Find Online Jobs

The best piece of advice I can give when it comes to hiring freelancers, is to think less about price, and more about value.

The best piece of advice I can give when it comes to hiring freelancers, is to think less about price, and more about value.

Freelancing has changed the way businesses operate and how people work. These days, you can build a career without leaving the comfort of your home. You can even operate with other freelancers to make your own agency. For freelancers, it makes sense to join as many as you can and find the ones that work best for you. It really just takes a few minutes to signup and complete your portfolio, and who knows, you might land a few leads without any additional work. Granted, most of these platforms you’re going to have to spend some time with and develop a reputation. And the best freelancers are really good at reverse engineering what it takes to be successful on a specific platform. Below we’re just going to briefly talk about 50 of the best websites for online jobs, it’s up to you to delve into case studies and other reviews to see how effective it is for you.

For businesses, the benefits are clear, outsourcing can save you money and you’re not restricted to talent within your city. You now have access to a global pool of talent among a myriad of different freelance marketplaces. It keeps operational costs down and you can opt for freelancers instead of employees in a lot of situations. With online communication tools on these platforms or off (eg. Slack), hiring freelancers and letting them operate remotely from their own home can be a win/win. As a business, I use multiple platforms and I’ll delve into why below, so without further ado here are 50 of the most popular websites to hire freelancers or find online jobs:

The Top 10 – The Best Websites to Find Freelancers or Online Jobs

These are the biggest names in the game. And I’m going give you a variety of different types of freelance marketplaces. For businesses, you can stick to just these 10, heck even 5, and you’ll be fine. But again, it’s all about what and who you’re looking for. For freelancers, again, it’s best to try to use as many freelance websites as you can and see what works best for you. It’s all about supply and demand and perhaps it’s easier to stand out on a small site than to be another number in Upwork’s list of millions of freelancers.

1. Upwork – Without a shadow of a doubt, Upwork is the biggest freelance marketplace. If you’re unfamiliar with their history, the former #1 (oDesk) and #2 (Elance) merged to create this super company. That’s insane. That’s like if McDonalds and Burger King decided to join forces. If you’re outside of the United States, you might be unfamiliar but they’re the biggest fast food chains and coincides with our love for fast food 😍 (not sure why I’m proud of that).

Upwork is the quintessential traditional freelance marketplace, a business posts a job, and freelancers respond. It’s as simple as that. But to succeed, from either end, the devil is really in the details.

Being the biggest doesn’t necessarily mean you’re the best, and Upwork comes with it’s own list of pros and cons and we’ve talked about that in-depth on here plenty of times. As the biggest freelance marketplace, this is where you’ll find the most gigs, but also an equal level of competition. For freelancers keep in mind that Upwork recently started taking out freelancer profiles that are no longer earning. And it’s worthy to note that they take 20% from your first $500 of each of your contract.

2. Fiverr – Fiverr exploded with popularity within the last few years, even outside of the business niche because you can hire anyone to do just about anything. It was quite the opposite experience of a typical freelance marketplace, where instead of businesses posting job descriptions, freelancers would just post what they’re willing to do for $5. And there are a lot of worthy business gigs you can get done for $5. Logos, check. Design, check. Articles, check. Even SEO gigs, albeit with some caveats.

It was a crapshoot back in the day, but at $5 who cared? But now reputable freelancers can now offer services worth hundreds of dollars and take on custom proposals. Fiverr is still growing exponentially, and will remain one of the best freelance websites for the entrepreneur on a budget.

3. 99designs – Another freelance marketplace that is completely different then the first two. 99designs is focused on the design niche and they gave birth to the crowdsourced marketplace. For logos and other designs, this is where I point people to, and I’ve talked about it in my 99designs review. Why? Because it’s a win/win situation, you get a logo you love, or your money back.

Here’s how it works, let’s say you want a logo. You post a contest along with a description of what you’re looking for and designers compete by sending you designs. You get to choose from dozens of logos, but only the winner gets paid. This is why a lot of designers hate 99designs, there will be times where you won’t be paid for work you’ve done, and that sucks. I get it. But it does give opportunity for the best designers to shine, and the designers who have figured out this platform, do really well. I’ve used 99designs plenty of times, here’s one example with a client who requested that a logo include elements of a shark and a hammer, he loved the final result:

99designs review - winning logo

4. AngelList – AngelList is sort of a hidden gem for the right person. Back in the day it was the site to find investors for your company with the biggest investors listed on the website. Now you can use it to hire people, and generally the people on AngelList are attracted to, and understand the nature of a startup. If you’re looking for that type of person, this is the website to post your job. If you are that type of person, this is the website to look for a job. Most want local talent, but filter your search for “Remote OK” to find remote jobs. Some jobs even offer equity, imagine landing a job with startup that is pre series-A, and then they blow up to be something big. I’d be like 🤑

5. TopTal – TopTal is another company that has exploded with growth. With the traditional freelance model, businesses typically try to save by outsourcing to countries with a lower cost of living. That model has built a race to the bottom where countries with a lower cost of living have driven down the cost of services in a marketplace, and top talent won’t play for pennies. TopTal was built out of necessity, promising the top 3% of talent, it’s a place where businesses can find some of the best. TopTal is the leader in the “premium” freelance marketplace, and if you’re looking to get in as a freelancer, it’s tough, I’ve seen first hand that only 3% of applicants pass the screening process.

TopTal focuses in design and development, and have recently expanded to finance experts. Freelancers, keep an eye out for when they expand again to another niche and if you’re good, you’ll be part of a limited pool of talent.

If you’re a business who needs web/app development, I get the allure of trying to find a good developer at $10/hr, but I’ve never seen it work, and it hasn’t worked for me. If you want things done, and done right, TopTal is the website I recommend for web/app development, and for promising the top 3% of talent, they’re still priced really well.

6. Craigslist – You want to go local? Think Craigslist. Heck, Kevin Rose used Craigslist to find a developer to help build Digg. However, it is also a bit risky for both sides. Most of the jobs are low quality, and as such freelancers, are probably on the lower level as far as talent, but like in the case of Kevin Rose, you never know who you can find. Also note, to post a job costs money, but you can post a gig for free.

7. Evanto Studio – Evanto Studio, formerly Freelance Switch, offers a number of online gigs ranging from video animation to developing mobile apps. The network within the Envato Market is huge, I use them for buying website themes all the time (as I’ve detailed in How to Launch a Website for Under $100). The Envato Studio is relatively new, sort of born out of the growth of Fiverr. At first, I billed them as the premium version of Fiverr, but now that Fiverr has allowed for more expensive gigs I’d tend to search there first. It’s all personal preference though.

8. Guru – The next two, Guru and Freelancer and the other biggest players based on the traditional model. I personally haven’t used them, instead opting for, and building a reputation on Upwork. But if the job you have is rather niche, I definitely see the benefit of cross-posting your job on other sites like Guru and Freelancer. Guru is another freelance bidding-based website. According to their website, they have 1.5 million “gurus” that can help in technical, creative, and even business projects of companies of all sizes.

9. Freelancer – One of the most popular websites for freelancers, Freelancer offers different gigs ranging from writing to web design opportunities. It operates as a bidding website in order to convince the contractor to hire you as a freelancer. However, you will need to pay in order to take tests which make your profile stand out.

10. Design Crowd – DesignCrowd was born out of the growth of 99designs. You can think of them as a slightly cheaper version of 99designs. See our Design Crowd review here. I’ve used them with success before, when I requested a simple background illustration for a website:


The Niche 10 – Sometimes Going Niche is the Best Way to Find the Best Online Jobs or Freelancers

11. FancyHands – A virtual assistant is a popular hire among busy entrepreneurs, and FancyHands is the perfect platform for outsourcing a few tasks per month. I love the business model, and I don’t have to worry about keeping my assistant busy. If you need someone full-time, I’d look elsewhere. For more, see my post on the most popular things to outsource, and where to outsource it.

12. Problogger – Problogger is actually one of the biggest websites on starting a blogging business, so they already have a passionate community of bloggers looking to succeed in the industry. Posting a job there costs $70 for 30 days, but you have the eyes of the community you want to attract. For freelance writers, it’s a great place to lurk, or at the very least set a job alert for keywords you’re interested in (eg. fitness, food, etc.).

13. We Work Remotely – We Work Remotely is a website where you can post a job for $299 for 30 days. In exchange, the company gets freelancers from all over the world. Whether you are looking for a Marketing Coordinator or an SEO Specialist, you can easily find the right person for the job with We Work Remotely’s lineup of freelancers. This website was born out of Jason Freid’s popular book Remote: Office Not Required. He’s a big name in the startup community, so this is a great place to post if you’re a startup looking to attract top talent.   

14. Authentic Jobs – Another job board that markets to high growth startups, Authentic Jobs caters to designers, hackers, and creative pros. It offers a number of job opportunities. Prices start at $100 to post.

15. Behance – The next two are great because it’s a great of example of, “If you build it, they will come.” And I’ve heard of many talented designers getting hired on portfolio websites like Behance and Dribble. They’re popular design communities and Behance now has a dedicated job board. Whether it is web design, branding, or fashion, freelancers have the opportunity to get noticed via Behance. It is a platform specific for the creative freelancers. Freelancers have an opportunity to get both local job opportunities and those projects that you can do in the comfort of your home.

16. Dribble – Dribble is another portfolio website, billing themselves as a “show and tell” platform for designers. Their search allows you to filter by location, skill, availability and more.

17. CrowdSpring – Another design competition website, if you want to see how the big players compare see our post on 99designs vs DesignCrowd vs CrowdSpring.

18. Reddit – It’s weird. For being one of the most popular websites on the web, some people just love it or hate it and don’t know how to use it. Home to thousands of different communities called subreddits, the subreddit forhire, is home to 60,000+ subscribers and it’s free to post. You can also look for your local subreddit, and post there as well.

19. Linkedin Profinder – LinkedIn has been long considered the social media platform for professionals. So it isn’t surprising that they launched the ProFinder platform to help you find local freelancers.Whether you need a CPA, PR Consulting, social media marketing or business headshots… it’s easy for businesses to choose the right freelancer who can help them in their project.

Related: Your Bad Headshot/Profile Picture is Losing You Business

20. Crew – Crew is a platform designed in order to help freelancers connect with some of the best companies. Regardless if you need a new app or a new logo for your company, Crew’s freelancers allow companies to get the work done for less than the usual cost. Project funds are also secured with a Pre-Pay Guarantee System.

30 More Websites Where You Can Find Freelancers or Find Online Jobs That Might Be Worth a Try

21. Outsourcely – Outsourcely is one of the fastest growing platforms that offer freelancers to companies. Why? Zero commissions. But you do have to subscribe to a package to use their platform.

22. Crowdsource – Crowdsource differentiates themselves by only allowing freelancers to see jobs where they have an achieved qualification.

23. Remote – Remote offers freelance work ranging from consulting to full-time job opportunities including gigs in translation, data entry, social media marketing, WordPress Development, and content generation. It offers tools that help increase efficiency, not to mention secured payment via escrow.

24. Write Jobs – Content is king. And over the years, the need for competent web writers increased significantly. Write Jobs has a simple platform where you can apply as a copywriter or look for a remote web copywriter for your site.

25. Academic Writers Online – Another website for finding budget freelance writers. With 315 active writers according to their website, they’ve completed over 180 thousand orders in the span of five years. And paying $10 to $15 per page, it isn’t a bad deal at all.

26. iWriter – iWriter is dedicated website for freelance writers. Their pricing is a sliding scale based on skill and their “Elite Plus Writers” can earn as much as $35 for a short 500-word article.

27. People Per Hour – People per Hour is another great venue where you can get hired as a freelancer and find a freelancer for your business needs. As a freelancer, it even offers the opportunity to record a video to help convince clients to hire you. It also makes use of a rating system that allows you as a freelancer to build your reputation within the platform.

28. Journalism Jobs – Do you have a background in journalism? Have you tried writing for both print and online media over the years? Journalism Jobs is the perfect website for journalists looking for a steady income. You can apply not only as a writer but even as an editor.

29. FlexJobs – FlexJobs is the website to find exactly that – flexible jobs. FlexJobs caters to telecommuting jobs and professional part-time jobs.

30. Simply Hired – Simply Hired offers a variety part-time to full-time job opportunities. The website offers both work-from-home gigs and full-time positions where you will go to an actual office. It has job opportunities for 24 countries and not limited to English related work. It is available in 12 different languages.

31. Freelance Writing Job (FWJ) – Freelance Writing Jobs is another great platform used by writers in order for them to earn something extra, or to sustain a steady income. As a company looking for a freelance writer, you can post your job for 30 days for only $30. The website looks super dated, but their Facebook page does boast a community of over 150,000.

32. College Recruiter – College Recruiter is the website that is built on, “Helping College and University Students and Recent Grads Find Great Internships, Entry-Level Jobs, and Careers!”

33. Aquent – Aquent is a staffing agency based in Boston, Massachusetts. It was founded in 1986 and has transformed into a venue where people can gain opportunities especially if you are working for the creative industry. Their freelance job opportunities range from copywriting gig to graphic design opportunities for both small and big companies. In 2006, the company has an operating income of $500 million, making it one of the best options online.

34. The Creative Group – The Creative Group (TCG) is another staffing agency where you can make a career as a freelancer. TCG is a known industry leader in connecting professionals and businesses. Companies can easily look for professionals who are experts in design, advertising, marketing, and public relations. The company is known for offering flexible staffing solutions from full-time employment to part-time work. TCG has a relationship with The Wall Street Journal which gives both companies and freelancers an advantage of being connected with the right people easily.

35. Crowded – Crowded looks like another staffing agency catering to tech talent. Whether you are knowledgeable in JAVA, HTML/CSS, or online marketing, Crowded offers opportunities for freelancers to get connected to companies of different sizes. What makes Crowded platform different is that it allows its users to chat directly with hiring managers via text message, Facebook messenger, or email. It is also possible for freelancers to receive a text of new job opportunities.

36. Peer Hustle – Peer Hustle is mobile-app based. Why? Peer Hustle wants businesses to maximize talent within its vicinity. Just like a lot of popular apps, Peer Hustle allows you to get connected with nearby freelancers in your area. It also features in-app calling and video calls and an escrow that makes payment easy for both the company and the freelancer. This offers an equal opportunity for freelancers since they don’t have to compete with low-priced freelancers from other countries. In addition to this, companies can also have an easier time managing their staff because freelancers are found locally.

37. GitHub – GitHub is a popular community amongst developers and is a great place to find top talent. The downside is the the price, at $450 per listing it’s pretty much restricted to the well-funded business.

38. Krop – Krop is another platform for both part-time and full-time employees. This platform allows employees to build breathtaking portfolios that can help boost your chances of landing a great opportunity. They also offer projects ranging from 3D artist to web development gigs.

39. Design Hill – Yet another design competition website.

40. LocalSolo – Another website that helps you find local freelancers. It is founded by Mark Fromsom who already worked with Starbucks, Nike, Adobe, and other top companies.

41. Working Nomads – Built in 2005, Working Nomads curates different work opportunities for different careers ranging from professionals with a background in finance to those with a background in health care. Working Nomads offers some of the most interesting jobs that freelancers might become interested in.

42. Smashing Magazine – If you are working as a web designer/developer, you may have heard of Smashing Magazine. But apart from the magnificent design ideas and interesting articles that can help you stay updated in your profession, it also offers a job board where you can get some of the most interesting gigs.

43. Zerys –  Zerys is a platform specially made for companies looking for freelance writers. Using their platform, you will be able to find freelancers willing to do the job with your budget. As a freelance writer, you simply need to fill out a sample form while you get access to a good number of articles each day. Payment is during the 1st and 15th of the month via PayPal.

44. Writer Access – Writer Access helps companies connect with as many as 15,000 freelance writers that can potentially provide them with great content for blog, web content, or for any other purpose. Covering all industries while catering for all sized businesses, it offers a budget-friendly solution for businesses. Their best writers will run you $50 for a 500 word article.

45. Hatchwise – Yes, another design competition website. It is also possible to have a naming contest if you are looking to start a company. You can start the naming contest for as low as $99. And once you’ve chosen the proper name, you get full rights to it with no additional cost.

46. Gun.io – It looks like they’re a blend of part fully managed outsourcing and part agency.

47. Folyo – A premium design marketplace catering to businesses with a minimum budget of $1000/mo.

48. Freelancewriting.com – Freelancewriting.com offers an opportunity for freelance writers to be part of their team, and businesses can hire them for a good price. One of the things that make Freelancewriting.com stand out is its screening process… so they’re more on the premium end of freelance writers.

49. Collaboos – They say they solve the problems other marketplaces won’t. And they do that by connecting you with, “talented specialists combined with machine intelligence to get stuff done.” I have no idea what that means, but hey, it could be the right for someone.

50. Freelanced.com – Freelanced allows freelancers to find a number of job opportunities in exchange for a $7 membership fee every month. Freelanced is a great platform if you are the type of freelancer who doesn’t want the platform to be getting in between you and the company that hired you.


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