Don’t Be a Zuck, Dressing to Impress Pays Off

Yes, Mark Zuckerberg wears the same shirt everyday to minimize decisions that don’t have anything to do with Facebook.

Whether you’re a consultant, salesperson or CEO; you’re constantly meeting people to generate more business. Take Neil Patel for example, before dropping a few dimes on clothes he mentioned he closed business deals at a rate of about 25%. After spending $162,301.42 on clothing he found that his closing rate jumped up to 40%. Though I find Patel’s writing a little sensationalist, it does make sense. 33% of hiring managers do prefer interviewees who are dressed to the nines with a suit. Another study notes that in a job interview 55% of hiring managers are impressed by appearance, 38% is determined by how we speak, our tone, volume, diction, etc. and only 7% of their impression is determined by what we say. We talked a little bit more about this subject last week in our post on Why Your Headshot/Profile Picture is Losing You Business. You only have one first impression, and your appearance has a tremendous effect on that. Though Mark Zuckerberg wears the same shirt everyday, he’s the exception.

Patel digs deeper into the subject of ROI of the finer things in life with How a Ferrari Made Me a Million Bucks. Even if you could care less about your appearance, if you’re running a company you have employees know whats possible. Another one of my favorite posts comes from successful serial entrepreneur, Jason Lempkin on why your #1 sales rep should be driving a BMW M6 Convertible 12 months down the road. In short:

You want them to prove it works, your sales and business model. To prove it to everyone else, without a doubt. Maybe there will only be one LeBron on your team at first. But you need one. One that is so good at selling your product, he or she not only closes a ton of business — but is so confident that he or she can continue to sell your product that buying an M6 convertible is just a downpayment on an even greater future as a salesperson at your SaaS start-up.

Now, new entrepreneurs shouldn’t go out and drop $100k on clothes, or rush to the Ferrari dealership. It’s all relative. So whether you’re saving at upscale consignment shops, spending a few hundred at Macy’s, or a few thousand or Saks Fifth, it’s all relative. But if you really want Zuckerberg look, that sports coat/hoody popularized after him is really nice!



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