The Top 7 Best Business Gigs on Fiverr

We’ve went into detail with our Elance/oDesk review… but what about Fiverr? We touched on them briefly as they’re one of the companies trying to disrupt the freelance marketplace:

There are new companies aiming to disrupt the freelance marketplace, Fiverr is one example, recently allowing services up to $500 (up from $5). Fiverr differentiates by allowing freelancers to post their services as a “gig” (eg. 100 word article for $5, Illustration for $5, etc.) and let businesses come to them, albeit at a higher fee (20%). Fiverr does boast over 2,000,000 services, and they’ve raised over $20M to date, but a quick glance at their home page, and you’ll see that most offerings aren’t related to business services. And the business services you do find, are often not what you would expect.

Fiverr has been a company I’ve watched since day one, the market of $5 services has such a natural viral component built into it – add in the fact that sellers are willing to, “Be crazy in love with you in a video for $5″ and “I will sing and dance Merry Christmas in a funny Santa costume” and you’ll understand why they’ve grown so quickly. But where there’s fun and entertainment, also lies business services that could potentially harm your business… this Fiverr review has more details. That blog post has all the details on the pros and cons so we won’t go into details here, I’ll just leave you with the old adages, “If it seems to good to be true – than it probably is” and “If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.”

Nonetheless, the point of this blog post is to actually highlight the Fiverr business “gigs” that you should consider. Purchased elsewhere, you’ll find these services marketed for over $100 each, but thanks to Fiverr you can find them for merely $5. And that’s the beauty of Fiverr, for sellers it offers them a platform to market their services to millions of people. Unlike a freelance website like Elance, you don’t have to sell (send proposals), buyers find you.

Top 7 Best Business Gigs on Fiverr

1. Funny Introduction Video – Fiverr has a myriad of services that offer introduction videos – but Professor Hons Von Puppet has to be the best. These are the type of viral gigs that have helped Fiverr grow so exponentially. There’s some professional ones out there too, such as a simple white background with an attractive female speaking over it.

2. Logos – Logo work can be expensive, the European Commission was famous for spending £300,000 on a new logo. Today you can get them for $5. As a designer myself, I know that there’s a lot of time and thought that goes into the perfect logo, however if you’re drawing a blank one thing you can do is order a logo on Fiverr to give you a few ideas, or you could just end up with the perfect logo. I ordered a logo right around when Fiverr started, and wasn’t too impressed (to my design standards), but it did give me a few ideas. That alone is worth $5. But now with the sudden growth of Fiverr, the demand for logo gigs has started to soar and as such, designers are taking advantage of that demand.

Recommendation: The problem with selling logos for $5, is that sellers really have to be completing them in under 10-15 minutes just to get minimum wage after fees, taxes, etc. And what many people have complained about is that the logos are being plagiarized or taken from template sites or are just downright ugly. With that being said, I’m a big advocate of the crowdsourcing route where essentially it’s a logo competition where designers compete for your business. It’s a win/win for both parties. If you really want to invest in your business, and want many logo options to choose from, checkout our 99Designs review.

But if you’re at the stage where you haven’t even incorporated, you’re on a strict budget and are just getting started than Fiverr can you a relatively decent logo quickly. Here are some of the best logo designers on Fiverr.

Whomever you choose, just make sure you get the source files (PSD/AI), as they’re crucial for updating your image.

3. Illustrations – If you need an illustration for your logo – or anything else, Fiverr has plenty of designers who can help you with everything from caricatures, drawings, blueprints, etc. See their selection of illustrators here.

4. Business Cards – Starting from scratch, designing a business card can take hours. Thankfully, there are a myriad of sellers on Fiverr who have already designed a business card – they just need to input the information you’d like on there. See the selection of business cards here

5. Voiceovers – If you prefer to produce videos yourself, Fiverr does have plenty of sellers offering voiceovers. Sure you could record it yourself, but I’ve used a seller on there who has all the professional equipment to deliver high quality audio… the last thing you want to here in a voiceover is static or background noise. I ordered a voiceover for a recording on my voicemail to give it more of a professional feel.

6. User Tests – If you’re a technology startup and/or have a web application, user tests are a must. Eric Ries details in The Lean Startup how user tests are instrumental for any startup. When he started IMVU, he just assumed that users would just “get it”, that isn’t until he brought in people to test their application did he find a myriad of issues with his product. Through the process of feedback and constant iteration, Ries was able to focus on the features that users actually wanted.

Today, you don’t have to bring in people. You can simply watch as a user records his screen and goes through your website with a set of instructions that you give him. You’re essentially watching over his shoulder. The Lean Startup spawned a series of websites dedicated to user feedback. Fiverr, however allows you to essentially cut out the middleman and purchase user tests for merely $5. As opposed to other websites who charge at least $25 per test, and they usually require you to buy multiple tests. Find User Tests here. Opt for the people offering a screencast video as opposed to a written report, and purchase a few from different sellers. Getting multiple opinions for under $25 provides so much value for your business.

7. Last but not least – post a request. If you need something small, post a request and you should see sellers sending you a message within 24 hours.

What do you think are the best business gigs on Fiverr? Let us know in the comments below!

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